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April 2009 assortment NewsDigimap down for vehicle repairs 7th / 14th AprilEDINA, Who give Digimap service, Have announced three periods when Digimap will be unavailable, To allow for vehicle repairs 7th April, 8:00am 8:45amTuesday, 7th April, 5:30pm 8:00pmTuesday, 14th April, 5:30pm 6:30pmwill endeavour to restore full access to all services early, But given that it isn’t likely to predict exactly how long the task in hand will take, You christian louboutin cheap should anticipate that the service will be inaccessible for the full periods stated above. is existing via the University Portal:Digimap is a services providing access to online maps and down-loadable christian louboutin shop online Ordnance Survey mapping data. Digimap allows you to view and print maps of any location in the uk at a series of predefined scales. Mapping data may perhaps also be downloaded and used with appropriate application software such as GIS or CAD. You will need to register with the site before will come your way the data.Users who were difficulties logging in to a n The Artists Information Company via the University Portal earlier this week should now find that it working fine!Posted in library Comments OffAdobe Louboutin Outlet Digital features (ADE) is needed cheap christian louboutin download documents electronically from the BL.From 1 April 2009 onwards new installation of the Adobe Reader cannot be supported. Users who have not installed ADE before this date and who have requested SED through the Inter library loan service christian Louboutin Discount will struggle to download their articles. We will print the article as a representative. Please indicate whether you discount louboutin shoes online want collect the article and from which site. as a substitute, cheap louboutins We can post your content out to you.


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